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FSBO Leads & Alerts

3 powerful FSBO lead packages to boost your business today!

Reach FSBOs First

We use technology to connect you with "For Sale By Owner" properties as soon as they hit the market.

Fast Alerts

Get a head start on the competition with lightning-quick texts every time a new FSBO appears in your market.

FSBO Insights

We discover important FSBO information like time frame to sell and what they're willing to pay an agent.


When a FSBO requests to be matched with a top local agent, we auction off the lead. Who doesn't want to be that agent!


What's the source of your FSBO leads?

Our servers continuously scan several popular websites that advertise FSBOs. If it's advertised online, we'll find it and let you know right away.

Are the leads accurate?

Yes, we are very precise at finding FSBO properties advertised online, but keep in mind we just report the news and can't monitor the intent of the homeowner. For example, a homeowner could advertise their home as FSBO even while listed in the MLS with an agent. Or, a homeowner could list it FSBO one day and change their mind the next. These are rare occurrences, but it does happen.

Can I view a sample?

Yes, please see our live preview where you can view alerts that are being sent out right now across the US. Once there, select the city you're interested in and see exactly what leads you would have received. For large market areas like Dallas-Fort Worth, make sure to also check the surrounding cites like Plano, Southlake, Frisco, etc.

Why don't the alerts have email addresses, homeowner's name, etc?

We can only pull what information is publicly available on Zillow, Trulia, craigslist, etc. Email addresses are almost never displayed; same thing for the homeowner's name. When a phone number isn't available, we point you to the site's contact form where you can make initial contact. For the cost of lunch, our service simply saves you the hassle of researching and scanning several websites each day, all month long.

For FSBO Pro, what percentage are advanced leads?

The advanced leads occur when a FSBO signs up for a free listing on one of our partner sites. There is no set schedule or frequency, but when they do occur they are well worth the extra $10/month (even for 1). The great majority of your leads will be alerts of recently discovered FSBOs in your area.

Do you guarantee your auction leads?

When we receive a listing lead, it's a FSBO requesting to be matched with a top agent in their area. There's no way to guarantee the lead will convert, but with the intent of the homeowner so strong, it's practically a slam dunk. Also keep in mind, you have instant credibility with the client because: 1) they already know you're one of the best agents in their area, and 2) you were referred to them by a trusted source.

What's my account login?

Here, you don't need one! Every user is assigned a unique cloud link which is included in every text and email alert we send out. There you can access all your leads and update settings for your account.

How do I make changes to my account?

If you need to add/remove cities or change how your alerts are delivered, please visit your unique account link that's included with every alert we send out. Once there, click the settings icon at the top-center of the page.

How do I cancel?

We hate to lose a client, but if necessary you can cancel your subscription anytime through Paypal. Before you do, please contact us to offer feedback or to see if we can do something to make it right.

FSBO Market Reports

View trend data on "For Sale By Owner" properties by market area.

Don't see your market area? Contact us to request it.

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